Pete Shelley | Fade 2 Grey

Pete Shelley

Repost, Pete Shelley, Homosapian II, 1989


 Homosapian II

 Homosapian II (Radio Edit)

 Homosapian II (Icon Mix)

 Homosapian II (Shower Mix)


7 Responses to “Pete Shelley”

  1. VanceMan says:

    I have the full Homosapien II and placed here for DL:

  2. adminmike says:

    Great stuff VanceMan, thankyou for your share, Mikey

  3. lucaadamo says:

    Hi Mike, it’s possible to share the other Homosapien II tracks? There is no link! Have a good week Luca

  4. adminmike says:

    Hi Luca, just go to the first comment by VanceMan and copy and paste his link, it still works, and once again thankyo to VanceMan for this share, Mikey

  5. lucaadamo says:

    Ok Mike, it’s all right; great remixes, a big thankyou to VanceMan; greetings Luca

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