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Nyam Nyam

Repost – Nyam Nyam



When We Can´t Make Laughter Stay, 1981

When We Can´t Make Laughter Stay

Knowledge (Chapter II)

Fate/Hate, 1984


So Long Ago

Here are a couple of Nyam Nyam singles which were requested, If anyone has a copy of their other single The Architect and the dub version of Fate/Hate to finsh off this collection to share.


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  1. lucaadamo says:

    A band, that after releasing their first single, signed for Situation 2 thanks to Peter Hook (New Order) who liked it; they released a wonderful album and 2 singles; i have to thank Mike for this great upload; regards

  2. Claudio says:

    Hi Mikey!
    I have “The Architect” 12″!
    Here for you:
    The Architect
    The last place (Hope of heaven)
    Mining different seems
    And to hold (Version two)
    Sorry i don’t have the Dub version of “Fate”
    Have a good evening

  3. Claudio says:

    Sorry it was missing the last link

  4. Andrea says:

    Would it be possible a re-upload of Nyam Nyam singles?
    Thanks in advance!

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