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National Pastime

Repost – National Pastime, Built To Break, 1984



It´s All A Game


Shades Of Evening

Close Your Eyes And See


No Goodbyes

Modern Man

Idle Threats

Built To Break


As requested the album by National Pastime which includes the singles, It´s All A Game, Lunacy and Pictures On The Wall.

4 Responses to “National Pastime”

  1. 22ndWave says:

    Oh my God, thanks for this! Really think these guys got a raw deal in Europe. A nice (if slightly more childish) Duran Duran clone. Straight on Ipod!

  2. Mr D says:

    National Pastime too, blimey! You’ve been at my record collection, haven’t you?! I saw these guys live once and they were superb. Any chance of reposting this one? Cheers!

  3. Mr D says:

    Thank you, you’re a gent sir!

  4. VanceMan says:

    Thanks for this. Just listening to one of their singles and never knew they had an LP.

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