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Naked Lunch

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Slipping Again…1981

La Femme… 1981

Shock Horror…1981

Make Believe…1984


You Tie Me Down…1984

Laugh Your Mind Away…1984

Weekend Behaviour…1984


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13 Responses to “Naked Lunch”

  1. claudio says:

    Thanks Mikey! Wonderful singles! It’s a pity they’ve never released a lp in their career!

  2. antonio says:

    I discovered this band in,some bizzare album.
    cult band of minimal synthpop.
    very cool and very good
    80s synthpop best.
    thank you very much.

  3. Deb Danahay says:

    Naked Lunch are performing at BAS II – electro music event – 4th and 5th May 2012…. go to for information and tickets


  4. Rob says:

    Hi, any chance of a re-upload because the mediafire file has disappeared. Thanks, Rob

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks for the re-up, it took forever to download but I got it. I have added all the other tracks for compilations to the singles collection and have uploaded a new zip file here:

    Here’s the tracklist:
    01 Rabies
    02 Slipping Again
    03 La Femme
    04 Horror Shock Horror – Fade away
    05 Make Believe
    06 Breathe
    07 You Tie Me Down
    08 Laugh Your Mind Away
    09 Weekend Behaviour

  6. adminmike says:

    Thankyou Rob, I have revised the collection and put up my own new link fot the tracks, cheers Mikey

  7. Rob says:

    La Femme and Horror Shock Horror (aka “Fade Away”) are from 1981 and Weekend Behaviour is from 1984.

    Also, just FYI, Rapidshare is a very slow service, it took between 4 and 5 hours to download your file yesterday, I find Mediafire to be a much better service.

    My current project is to try and find some tunes by “Boy’s Own”, which was a band that ran from early 1982 to mid 1983 and features Paul Davies and Mark Irving (from Naked Lunch) and Jay Paine (from Paul’s other band: Sunkings)


    • adminmike says:

      Hi Rob, yes I used to use Maediafire but they have suspended all my files so thats why I have to use another file service. I don´t know of Boys´s Own, but have checked on line looks like nobody knows what became of the band, they have a myspace page, with some photos and a write up by Manjay but thats all I know. If you find any tracks I´d like to hear, they sound interesting, cheers for the info Mikey{%22ImageId%22%3A2446797}

      • Rob says:

        Yeah, I created that Myspace page back in 2007 in the hopes of getting the attention of the guys in the band, and guess what, it worked eventually as I made contact with Manjay and Paul earlier in the week. I had never heard of Naked Lunch prior to hooking up with Paul. I don’t think either of them have really thought about Boy’s Own much prior to me reminding them, but I’m hoping that they can find some old cassettes and digitize them.

        I discovered Boy’s Own in November 1982 when I saw them open for Yazoo at the Dominion in London. Then I saw them do their own shows several times in 1983. They had Mark on drums, Paul on keyboards and guitar and Manjay on lead vocals, tom toms and guitar (but not all at once, lol). They were killer live. Apparently Paul has a live VHS from one of the shows but hasn’t converted it to digital.

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