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Ministry I´m Falling, 1981*



I´m Falling


Cold Life

*tracks included on Cold Life Download

Ministry, Cold Life, 1982


Cold Life

I´m Falling

Cold Life (Dub)

Ministry, I Wanted To Tell Her, 1983



I Wanted To Tell Her

I Wanted To Tell Her (Tongue Tied Mix)

A Walk In The Park

Ministry, Revenge (You Did It Again), 1983



Revenge (You Did It Again)


Work For Love

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5 Responses to “Ministry”

  1. Luca says:

    Fantastic begin of their career, before they became a band leader of not so good ebm/electro sound!
    Another particular thank for sharing these singles; greetings Luca

  2. david says:

    it had everything to succeed as a band of synthpop
    good vocals, catchy melodies and fantastic, class
    look, everything.
    but changed their style. “complex, pressure, mental messes”
    do not know.
    I respect them at the time and I still respect them
    and his followers also.
    but I stopped liking.
    I remember them and we paid them for the great synthpop
    of their early
    fantastic contribution mike
    good job
    thanks and regards

  3. Marten says:

    Too bad the links are gone. I’ve never heard those hard to find b-sides. Thanks for the attempt.

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