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Magazine,A Song From Under The Floorboards,1980

From the classic album A Correct Use Of Soap which was their biggest chart album UK no 28, a shame this track didnt chart because its fantastic.


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  1. jellyrollfortheearhole says:

    Big, big fan of these guys. (Saw them at the Cuckoo's Nest too for Secondhand Daylight!) Howard's vocal style began to change on this album and not for the better in my mind. Still, a good album despite the duds. (But then after Sec Day as a comparison the only way was down, wasn't it?)

    I've read that one of the problems in the band at the time was the sound was getting too keyboard oriented for McGeoch, which seems like a fair beef. (Not that Formula wasn't great.) McGeoch's subsequent work with Siouxsee proved he was one of the best guitarists of the era. I wished he would've stayed and fought for Magazine, tho.

    Ah well, everything comes to an end, doesn't it?

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