Language | Fade 2 Grey


A Request, Language, Alphabet City 1983


Wer´´e Celebrating

Goodbye Indian Summer

Touch The Road Dance

I´´m Just A Boyfriend



These are the only tracks I have, enjoy.

Download Touch Me Road Dance 7inch

9 Responses to “Language”

  1. RobLoveEighties says:

    Thanks for post the Language.Dude do you have this one? Peking Man – Room That Echoes Extended.This is very hard to find, i found in a blog called “eightiesvinyl” but it’s cutted 7 minutes in the end of the song.If you don’t have, thanks anyway.Thanks to attend our requests.God bless you.

  2. antonio says:

    another gem from the early 80’s synthpop.
    mike thanks for uploading.
    By taking a look at the blogs friends
    and that I like,I find this on vinyl obscurity.
    wonderful themeof eighties synthpop
    of a band of what is not nothing.
    CYAN called and the song is great
    but is glued to one that is cut.
    mike’d know something about this band?
    Mr. vinyl obscurity, I and all Lovers of good
    eighties synthpop
    I would appreciate a look.
    thank you very much and greetings

  3. claudio says:

    Excellent synthpop! Great generosity of Mikey who puts at our disposal all these forgotten but wonderful tracks! Thanks again

  4. antonio says:

    hi the 90 renamed,
    Calling himself – Unreasonable Footprints.
    doing three lps to the time.
    no more tell friend,
    continue to investigate.
    thanks and regards

  5. antonio says:

    Mike.Thanks for taking the time
    thanks friend

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