King Dice | Fade 2 Grey

King Dice

King Dice, Mr Insider, 1982



Mr Insider

Your Delivery Boy

 Afterthoughts Late In The Day

20th Century

Idol Time



Bill Farrow; Voice, Guitar

James Steven; Guitar

Frankie Quinn; Drums

Minoru Aoki; Bass




I know nothing about this band except that they made this fab EP, fave tracks are 20th Century and Afterthoughts Late In The Day.

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  1. Jim Rizzo ( James Steven ) says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up. I haven’t been in touch with the rest of King Dice for many years. It was fun making the music. We did play a few gigs in NYC like Gildersleeves. They were great guys as well as musicians. Billy had a fantastic voice and never got the recognition he deserved.

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