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Repost – Jullan, Imaginary Doll, 1984



Enough To Dance

Beware Of Love

Mysterious Marionette

Life Without You

Imaginary Doll

Electric Day

The River Flowing To Death

Passing Girl

Melody For You

The End For The Beginning


I have posted a couple of singles by Jullan and was asked to hear more, so after looking on Discogs for the cover I saw what mad prices they were asking for this album, see here.

Wonderful synthpop album sounding as fresh today as the day it was plucked from the synthpop tree.

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  1. Hank says:

    You can also find more info and Electromance (1984) at Saltyka’s blog


  2. synthnewwave says:

    Hey Mike, please can you reupload this album?

  3. synthnewwave says:

    Mike, i want to thank you in japanese words, but i can’t write in the right way 🙂 Thanks

  4. Ken Cresh says:

    Love yr site! Just discovered it today! Downloaded some to listen to tonight, , thanks so much for a terrific site! Cheers! –Ken

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