John Ruth | Fade 2 Grey

John Ruth

John Ruth, Goodbye, 1981





Ordinary Mood


As far as I can tell no singles were taken from John´s album I Am A Model, but I think Goodbye would have been a good choice, uptempo Synthpop and I´d have chosen Ordinary Mood as the B-Side.The title track of the album I Am Model would have been my follow up single.

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  1. Rob says:

    Please my friend if you know the name of the third song of these video, please tell me, the song starts at 3:54, and the last one, i think that singer sings “watching the rain” and the other video what’s the name of the song that opened the video? Please i wait for your answers, i just loved the songs but without a list of the name of the artists and songs, it’s hard to find.

  2. david says:

    thank you very much for uploading all this music this Saturday.
    I like some groups more than others, but all have good quality
    and that is even rare in these times justinbieberanosssssssss.
    I appreciate the effort you is this,
    you make many people happy, believe me.
    greetings and encouragement to your blog

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