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Jobriath,Take Me I´m Yours,1973.
I bought this single in the 90s in a small record shop in Liverpool,It cost me three pounds and was in mint condition.They had five copies.
I first heard about Jobriath at the end of the seventies and finally got a copy of both his albums in the early eighties, they wern´t cheap.
I have a friend who has put them on to a cd for me.(Thanx Dave).
Jobriath was American and the first out Gay pop singer.This being the early seventies did not do his career any good. He made two albums, Jobriath 1973, and Creatures Of The Night 1974.
He didn´t record for years afterwards because of contractual limits, and when this was over,he was one of the first victims of AIDS, he died in August 1983.
He was championed by British stars Neil Tennant Gary Numan and Morrisey,and Morrisey oversaw the release of Lonely Planet Boy, 2004 which was a compilation.
I love this single and both his albums are great, due for a a re-issue this December in Japan. So if you like Glam give him a go.

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