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Jane Aire & The Belvederes

Jane Aire & The Belvederes, Yankee Wheels, 1978

Excellent ssong from Jane Aire, (why was she not huge I loved her music) and again Jon Moss and The Edge were janes band for this single.


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  1. antonio says:

    good single
    could say ……….
    pop punk?????.
    very nice singing voice
    changing registration
    moments of the song
    with skill.
    jane aire is very pretty
    knew not.
    and now that I know
    been delighted
    thanks for uploading
    regards mike

  2. Psycho says:

    Have had this, & all Jane’s other work, since it came out. Have always loved her voice, but suspect the main reason she failed in the marketplace is her early, earcatching stuff was punky material like this & “I Am The Actress,” & similar songs. But when she went to album, she seems to have put her faith in her producer (Liam Sternberg?) who decided the new route for her would be as a latter-day white Motown knockoff. It was too plastic to be punk, too straight to be new wave, too relaxed to be disco & just too unknown to get mainstream radio airplay. Plus her record company seems to have made little attempt to push the album, maybe sensing it had no natural constituency. Jane had, maybe still has, a terrific voice but appears to have had little artistic vision or direction, at a time when artistic vision could get you through times of no talent better than talent could get you through times of no vision. She was way ahead of her time, in other words; she’d have been an almost perfect American Idol contestant, since they prefer their winners to have considerable singing talent & a willingness to leave the “vision” up to producers.

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Paycho, thanks for the comment I understand where your coming from, yes I think many singers are not what I would call artists who control their own destiny.cheers Mikey

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