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Ideal, Monotonie, 1982

Sorry just had to post this becauseof the sleeve, a big smile on my face this morning.

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Download Geheimnis Der Grosstadt

5 Responses to “Ideal”

  1. antonio says:

    but that pints my god.
    if the painting went well
    I had to shave the zero.
    these Germans,
    is painted on a canvas
    and not in some dogs.
    so are these animals
    noble and good
    allowed to do anything
    if there is trust
    and they just ask my chito
    my poor baby,be patient.
    the single is good
    but to make the cover
    sure they were smoking a joint
    thanks and regards

  2. antonio says:

    excuse me friend
    I’ll put it here too it still does
    not appear in recent comments.
    I know I’m a heavy
    but I do not care
    everything for music
    including heavy.
    again good afternoon mike
    that disaster have gone the first
    two lps of Viva aka Viva La Stick
    I swear went up here.
    finally the truth is I made ​​a mess
    with the links,who knows where
    they are and to where and commanded,
    Total fudge mine.
    is that between the fucking glasses
    and my computer it goes free is old
    and passes all,these things happen.
    to see now.

    thanks and greetings knock on wood

    • antonio says:

      but that is going on here
      now appear here again
      the links of viva
      which is where I put
      yesterday already for safety
      I enter your blog this afternoon
      and were not after a while if,
      in the end
      I do not understand this
      you will know
      is your blog
      not mine

      • adminmike says:

        Hi Antonio, ,I dont know sometimes wordpress plays up on the blog, thankyou for the links I will listen to them over the Holidays, have a good easter break my friend, Mikey

        • antonio says:

          I am so sorry friend,i didn’t know nothing of what makes WordPress,it is the fault of my ignorance i’m sorry friend, I know that I have my bad milk and it is that I’m just getting old.Good holy week for you and yours ,rests because you deserve. many thanks friend

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