Human League | Fade 2 Grey

Human League

Request, Human League, You´ll Be Sorry, 2002



You´ll Be Sorry (Radio Mix)

Ypou´ll Be Sorry (Black  Blue Mix)

You´ll Be Sorry  (Dub Mix)

You’ll Be Sorry (Karaoke Mix)


The Human League Egomaniac, 2011



Egomaniac (Radio Edit


Egomaniac (Instrumental)


Neither of these two singles bothered the UK charts which is a shame as both especially Egomanic were good tracks. Funny that both albums these tracks were from Secrets and Credo both reached no 44 on the UK charts.

9 Responses to “Human League”

  1. lucaadamo says:

    I didn’t expect you have these singles, very hard to find! You have made my day! A special thank Mike

  2. Mark says:

    thanks for these. Egomaniac was released in Germany only and ‘Sorry’ promo only as Papillon records had already gone bust!

  3. Jenny says:

    Cooooooooool!! Thank You!

  4. Profil says:

    Hi Mike

    I was very excited to check these versions – haven’t been here for a while. Unfortunately the link doesn’t work anymore. Any chance to get them again?


  5. Sebastian says:

    Despite being a huge League fan, Secrets somehow flew under my radar and I only heard the first 2 singles without investigating further. While not their best, You’ll Be Sorry gives the Girls a chance to take center-stage for the first time since One Man In My Heart… Nice!

  6. Lewis says:

    Oh no, I missed the link it didnt work :-((

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