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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda, Few Decisions, 1983

Download Life At The Top

Download Renew Flesh

Download Still We Say

Download Talking To Myself

This originally came out on a cassette and I first heard Life At The Top on the compilation New Wave Complex vol 9. ecially like Talking To Myself and Still We Say, cool synthpop.

3 Responses to “Hidden Agenda”

  1. antonio says:

    very good early 80s synthpop single.
    very very cool.love analogue synthesizers.
    their sound transports you to another world,
    makes you dream of beautiful things,
    is pure fantasy and emotion.
    good job mike.
    thank you very much.

  2. Claudio says:

    A surprise for me! Never heard about them! Good electronic tracks of the early 80s

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