Gerry Cott | Fade 2 Grey

Gerry Cott

Request, Gerry Cott,  Ballad Of The Lone Ranger, 1982


Great track from former Boomtown Rat, why this wasnt a hit?Just Like Anybody Else is also a fantastic track

Download Ballad Of The Lone Ranger

Download Just Like Anybody Else


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  1. RobLoveEighties says:

    Great post, both are fantastic songs.My friend i have another request, Do you remember when you posted my big request; you posted a song called King Kong In Hong Kong By Eduard Parma Jr. wonderful song, but at the end of the song there’s a little problem, i don’t know there’s a strange noise seems that another song crossed at wrong time, it’s from the record?I ask to you to post this song again because i like, and if you could see this noise and fix it.Please listen very carefully.Bye.

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