Garland Jeffreys,British Lions, Chris Spedding. | Fade 2 Grey

Garland Jeffreys,British Lions, Chris Spedding.

Wild In The Streets.
This is a great song written by Garland Jeffreys and released as a single around 1973-74.It was later added to his second album Ghost Writer which by brother bought and I got into him, thanx Steve, which was 1977.
The British Lions version was from their debut album British lions 1978, this is my fave version of this song, brilliant.This was a single but it never made an impact on the charts,it should have.
Chris Spedding version if from his album Hurt in 1977.
See which one you like best.

Garland Jeffreys.
Download track here

British Lions.
Download track here

Chris Spedding.
Download track here

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