Foton | Fade 2 Grey


Foton, Bamboo Curtain, 1983


If you are a Mud fan from the 70´s you may know this track from bassist Ray Stiles and Ann Raymond I´m not over keen on the A-Side but do rather like the B-Side Game We Play

Download A-Side

Download B-Side

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  1. lobo1945 says:

    hi mike. 80s synthpop,full of energy
    nice voice,and especially
    a great bass player.I love the bass
    and how they had touching it with the disco
    funk and synthpop the mid-70 and
    the 80.this is a good example.
    I remember also to Bernard Edwards, the master.
    Pino Palladino, fretless bass king for me
    Alan Spenner, a legend
    Gary Tibbs, Gary “Gazza” Johnson
    Derek Forbes, Mick Karn.etc, etc, etc.
    all great musicians and many more.
    prodigious decades for music.
    thank you very much friend.

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