Fokewulf 190 | Fade 2 Grey

Fokewulf 190

Fokewulf 190, Body Heat, 1984

More synthpop than Italo disco, love this track

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4 Responses to “Fokewulf 190”

  1. antonio says:

    hi mike. when you can.
    only when you can friend.
    one little things more I ask.
    please upload this maxi,
    love this track,is pure fantasy.
    analogue synth best.
    very thanks for all
    all the best for you
    saludos amigo

  2. antonio says:

    thank you very much for
    uploading my friend.
    recognize your efforts and
    appreciate your generosity
    sharing music with us.
    I wish you the best mike
    best regards

  3. woodsisi says:

    great song … tks

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