Five Thirty | Fade 2 Grey

Five Thirty

Five Thirty, You EP, 1991




Cuddly Drug

Slow Train Into The Ocean


A good EP from 90´s indie band Five Thirty, it includes two non album tracks, both very good


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  1. stephen lynch says:

    due to a great lack in there lable wea,the band did not get the expo they so greatly deserve & deserved,@ the time of there presence here,i saw them over a period 1988 to there last show @ the camden palace camden in 1994 on the about fxxxing time tour,what an explosive band on stage they gave everything on that stage,like the the who and the jam they gave the crowds a gig to remember,with tara playing his bass like jimi hendrix,bands in the early 1990s did not come even close to what they were doing they should of been massive,not that being massive would change the way that these three were they were geniene on and off the stage,a real band,they should reform i would play drums @ a drop of a hat,i wished i took the drum stool job when there manger back then offered to me back in the day,for band like this to reform again would be great for the simple reason,they had so much more good tunes to poor out of there very gifted minds and to show the fans,what they still have,cheers tara,paul & phil,peace out

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