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Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Fibes, Oh Fibes! Feat Kim Wilde, Run To You, 2009
Fab single from Fibes, Oh Fibes! with gorgeous Kim Wilde guesting.

3 Responses to “Fibes, Oh Fibes!”

  1. JP.M says:

    Hi I'm JPaul From France.
    I love Kim since 1981 and I-ve this album (1987) with this duet.
    It's a very good.
    I have too a fanblog for the love blonde….
    Your blog is great bye JP.M

  2. Mikeyten says:

    Hi JPaul thankx for your comment, I have also enjoyed Kims music over the years, I heard she is working on a new album, cheers Mikey

  3. JP.M says:

    Salut Mikey, oh soory few words in french héhé!!!
    Yes soon the new album "come out and play"
    If you want, and it's a pleasure for me, you can put a message in english on my blog.
    ps: Kim & Fibes oh Fibes soon together the june 23 for a gig
    more news on my blog

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