Fatal Charm | Fade 2 Grey

Fatal Charm

Request Fatal Charm Endangered Spieces, 1985













1 Summer Spies
2 Testify
3 I Am Calling
4 Iron Curtain Irony
5 King Of Comedy
6 You Know (You’ll Never Believe)
7 Flashes In The Night
8 Endangered Species I
9 Is It A Dream?
10 Bye Bye
Extra Tracks
11 The Power Of The Passion
12 King Of Comedy (12” Mix)
13 You Know (You’ll Never Believe) (12” Mix)
14 Endangered Species (Instrumental)



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One Response to “Fatal Charm”

  1. YouriLeGod says:

    Saw this band as support to OMD and Ultravox in the (I think) early 80’s. I remember the lead singer was a woman whose name was maybe Sarah Simmonds. Takes me right back to the period, particularly as the new Ultravox album sounds something special.

    Thanks for the memories

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