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East Of Java

East Of Java, Different World, 1985

Different World Extended)


I only have the A-side to this single (thanks fifty) but I have also posted the extended version



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  1. 22ndWave says:

    Thanks for putting up a good version of this. The other two tracks you have up were after the band got a female lead singer close to 89. The singles before this really must be quite rare. I’m getting into contact with 80zforever (guy who uploads rare 80s stuff as torrent) to see if he can help and I could send you the tracks to put up here if I get them. : )

  2. Karl says:

    Fantastic songs, thankkkkssss.
    But i don’t find here an extended version of Different world, there is a standard version that lasts 4’03; it’s correct?
    Best regards

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