Di Leva | Fade 2 Grey

Di Leva

Di Leva, The Single Man, 1982.


If you like John Foxx/Bowie and synthpop you will love this tune just excellent.

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  1. antonio says:

    great eighties synth pop single,with a voice in the Bowie and a melody to foxx.
    Interestingly the number of groups and singers who have imitated David Bowie,for something will.
    for everyone to ask about bowie tells you who likes their early years, rock pop, pop rock,
    others their glam era,some work with Brian Eno experimenting with electronica and watching the German Kraftwerk and Neu!,
    other collaborations with other greats like the,for example Freddie Mercury,
    I Ashes to Ashes, which would mark a guideline to the new romantics in the early eighties,
    her album Let’s Dance, with elegant synthpop songs but also danceable and catchy.
    Tin Machine and more and more and more and more to the present.
    certainly was perfectly suited to all,of there the nickname “the chameleon”
    but it is fair to say what others were adapted and adopted him,who is the chameleon now?
    I finish my little bowie award given to leaving me a lot of data by the way
    saying that David Bowie is now part of music history,pioneered many things, was brave,
    planted facing the music industry stale, retrograde and censor.
    he liked it Lennon,and did well to learn from him and with him.
    is one of the greats, you might like it more or less
    but there is always something that you like
    a great artist a artist great,
    Mr. david bowie.
    Thanks Mike and sorry about the book

    • adminmike says:

      Yes I´´m too a big David Bowie fan so I understand what you are saying here, as the tag line used to say “there´s old wave there´s new wave and there´s David Bowie”

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