Colin Newman | Fade 2 Grey

Colin Newman

Colin Newman, We Means We Starts, 1982

Love this single from Colin, it really should have been a hit


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  1. splash154 says:

    I am a massive Wire fan and have always been in awe of Colin Newman’s solo work, purely because he has spanned so many different genres in his output.
    This is one of Colin’s finest pieces of work and as you said if it had had more of a commercial push it could have been a hit at that time; since 1982 saw a plethora of unusual UK acts reach the charts as music opened up so much at that time.
    We Means We Starts was also very personal to me as it was the backdrop sound to a love affair I had with the only girl I loved but failed to secure as mine. Jilted John by Jilted John followed later in the year as an underground and then massive Top 5 hit. That song was definitely me! However, bless Colin for trying to win me a girl!

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