Caroline Munro | Fade 2 Grey

Caroline Munro

Repost- Caroline Munro, Pump Me Up,1984

Fab single on the Gary´s Numa label, you can also hear him on backing vocals

Pump Me Up 7inch

 Pump Me Up (Extended)

Pump Me Up Instrumental

 The Picture

The Picture(TFY Cover Shot Remix)


4 Responses to “Caroline Munro”

  1. metamatik says:

    if possible, please re-up this single

  2. antonio says:

    very good single, smooth 80s
    electro pop
    and beautiful woman
    Miss caroline
    that body, fantastic
    this single
    glad you hearing and sight
    thanks mike
    best regards

  3. RobLoveEighties says:

    You posted an artist of Numa Label.I know that you posted Venus In Furs by Paul Gardiner who worked in this label, in my “BIG” request, but do you have this version.I think that’s the 12” version.I can’t find in mp3 anywhere.Please if you find, can you share?God bless you.​watch?v=v0Kz1qFGEbo

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