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Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club

Bruce Wooley and The Camera Club, Danmcing With The Sporting Boys, 1979

Repost for djbethell

From his album English Garden, which also included the original Video Killed The Radio Star.,Which was covered by Buggles. Check out the sleeve with the very 80´s Buggles glasses.


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  1. djbethell says:

    Oh man, thanks so much for this. I am very privileged to have my very own repost.
    All the best.

    Lovin’ the blog,
    D x

  2. Skidmark says:

    Actually Woolley was an original member of the Buggles, and quit before the first album was recorded. His version of “Video” doesn’t measure up to his former colleagues’ mainly because of Trevor Horn incredible producing skills.

    Thomas Dolby plays keyboards on Wooleys’ album, his most blatant contribution being on “Get away William”, pure Dolby sound.

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