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Brian Connolly.

Brian Connolly, Hypnotised,1982.
Brian Connolly was the lead singer with Sweet.
A seventies Glam Rock band, who had sixteen hit singles.
They were the first band I followed and he was my first music hero.
This single was his third solo after leaving the band in ´78.
It wasn´t a hit but my fave of his solo releases and the b-side Fade Away, which i have also included is very good and when you listen to the lyrics,very apt.
Brian never soared the high´s of Sweet again and sadly he died in February 1997.
I actually met him once at the Marquee Club in London in 1986.
He was at the bar watching his old band record their concert with a new singer.
I shook his hand,he was very polite and friendly, I was not disappointed.
I saw him live about eight times and he always worked hard,he loved being on stage even though towards the end of his life he was in great pain.The last time i saw him was 1996,i nearly didn´t go to that gig, i´m glad i did.
RIP Brian x.

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Fade Away.
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  1. mike says:

    If he died in1997 how did you see him in concert in 1998?

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