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Blue Clocks Green

Repost –Blue Clocks Green, Hemingway, 1988

Fantastic synthpop, the 7inch is the best version,love it.

 7inch Hemingway

 Hemingway (80´s Club Mix)


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  1. 22ndWave says:

    Wow. A really quirky track I’d never heard of. Thanks for sharing. Can we get the B-side?
    And also, I’ve been trying to track down the ultra-rare second album from ‘Fiction Factory’, ‘Another Story’. So far I’ve only found two tracks and really want to hear more. It was a very limited pressing. Do you have it?

  2. Andrew says:

    Thank you so much. This was a big hit at the college radio station I worked at twenty-some years ago. Finally, finally, I can put it on my ipod.

  3. Ivan Jaime says:

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic single! I remember taping this song on cassette tape way back in early ’90s from the radio. Technology wise, we’ve come a long way…!

  4. On October 15, 2013, Blue Clocks Green will be releasing Stuck in The 80s. This digital only album contains never before released material as well as digitally remastered versions of their cult-classic Hemingway.

    This release marks the beginning of a revival of activity for Blue Clocks Green with new songs, projects and art exhibits in the works.

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