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Alone Again Or..

Alone Again Or…, Drum The Beat (In My Soul) 1984

Good single from the strangly named Alone Again Or… and as always thankyou 80´s Forever for this track.


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  1. Claudio says:

    This group later became “The Shamen”! Interesting this track..thank you Mikey! It would be nice to find the complete single and the other 12″ they released (Dream come true)

  2. antonio says:

    thank you for this single mike.
    Mr. 80’s forever to say….,
    learned good music from a young,
    his eighties know no boundaries.
    is a generous master who has shared
    us much good music from long ago
    and that has a lot of merit, a lot.
    my sincere thanks to him and you.
    best regards

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