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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper, Seven Is Seven Is, 1982

Fab single from Alice´s Special Forces album, this did chart in the UK but at a low no 62


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  1. uboot says:

    I saw him at this time in Paris.
    He wasn’t in a good wealth…..
    Special Forces was a quiet good Lp with tis this sens of Cooper derision i love!
    ( the ‘who u know we are” Single version is a killer !!! )

  2. adminmike says:

    He is one person I have yet to see live, perhaps one day

  3. uboot says:

    He is a funny guy. Met him on July 90
    i worked for a music & BDSM mag.
    Alice Cooper is the Artist who get me into music.
    Billion Dollar Baby , i think, was a Must

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