Airkraft | Fade 2 Grey


Repost – Airkraft, White Boys EP, 1979.

My favourite track is Here Comes The Sound from this Ep

Here Comes That Sound

 White Boys

Video Romance



5 Responses to “Airkraft”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    hi mike.
    good band
    powerful bass lines
    reminds me a little
    to fischer z.
    few bands
    how much good music
    were prodigious decades
    I’m glad I had
    fortunate to enjoy
    at the time.
    and remember now
    thanks to people like you
    and other bloggers
    that is what working
    but with the satisfaction
    know, we are many
    I am the first, that what you
    thank you heart
    thank you very much
    and encouragement to the blog.

  2. WildDevil says:

    is there a chance for a re-upp????

  3. WildDevil says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for doin’ the re-upp. I’d almost forgotten to visit purely your blog, I was very busy the last weeks.
    I take this opportunity to ask you if you have maybe The Rebels – Suicide 7” from 1978??????

    keep up your fine work!

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