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After The Fire

After The Fire, Life In Te City, 1979


Great band and a great single


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  1. david says:

    Hello Friend.
    i was registered on your site
    For some time now, my name is David and I am Spanish.
    I know you’re a generous and kind person.
    I wanted to ask one thing when you can and unhurried.
    if you have,and if not nothing happens.
    the albums from the band,after the fire,
    laser Love,of the year 1979, 80-f ,of the year 1980
    and Batteries Not Included,of the year 1982 in mp3.
    I hope you can get the
    thank you already have.
    I hope you’re okay at this time
    Scrambled we are living,black clouds are forming
    above us and looks very ugly.God help us
    and ourselves fight and work what for
    good and sanity imposed evil and madness.
    Thanks for staying with your fantastic blog
    and work selflessly do on behalf of musical culture.
    greetings and good morning

  2. david says:

    hello mike
    thank you very much for ATF albums friend.
    long life to fade2grey,music and culture find here.
    have a nice day and again thanks.
    greetings and good morning

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