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Acute Logic

Acute Logic, Moroccan Nights, 1981

Brilliant single this should have been so big, very Cureish just love it


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  1. lobo1945 says:

    hello mike.very good band,80s minimal synthpop
    is great,very rare band.
    good job.
    thank you very much
    antonio and company.

  2. hi mike, frankie here. do you happen to have the other tracks from this single? can’t get enough of the a-side!

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Frankie, sorry I don´t have the other tracks, I have been looking myself and the cheapest I´ve found is 90 euros for the single!!!, let´s hope someone posts it someday, all the best Mikey

  3. […] Feel those grooves! 12. Incredibly rare track from the UK, 1981 also featured on the excellent Fade2Grey site.  Shows some definite Cure/Three Imaginary Boys worship.  I just picked up a copy of this […]

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