A Request; Planning By Numbers | Fade 2 Grey

A Request; Planning By Numbers

Repost – Planning By Numbers, Catch The Beat,1982



Catch The Beat

Living By Numbers

Lightning Strikes



Tomorrow Today

Living Neon

Man & Woman


Extra Sensory Perception

7 Responses to “A Request; Planning By Numbers”

  1. 80zforever says:

    Thanks a lot Mikey. much appreciated. my vinyl is in such a bad shape lol

  2. david says:

    a classic of early-eighties synthpop
    that became a classic thanks to the
    Internet and flexipop fantastic compilations.
    the lp is a gem from start to finish.
    I have the original vinyl of the spanish edition
    sounds really low and unclear.
    I appreciate this copy in mp3 you sure sound better
    thank you very much friend

  3. RobLoveEighties says:

    Mikey do you have this one? Analyse – Swallow’s World.I think it’s frm Sweeden.

  4. david says:

    hello mike,good day.
    can you reupload this early synthpop masterpiece lp.
    lose my mp3 good,another copies sound very bad,
    low and unclear.only when you can friend.
    thanks for your music page,culture page.
    never forget this music,is good for all.
    thank you very much

  5. david says:

    good afternoon friend.
    thank you very much for returning the link
    of this fantastic lp of early synthpop.
    You do not have to apologize for the delay,
    is your wed page,you go up is free,
    It is a job that takes your time
    and do not ask anything in return
    And you should ask at least,
    a thank you and thank you very much
    of others, myself included.
    Again, thank you so much,
    best regards

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