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New Peter Godwin Single




Peter is releasing a new solo single on the 1st of May called Disguise, check out his facebook page for more info here

It will be available from iTunes, OVI, Napster, RealNetworks, 24/7 Musicshop, Musiwave (Zune/Orange), eMusic, Music Net / Medianet, Rhapsody, VidZone,, 7Digital, Spotify,





5 Responses to “Peter Godwin”

  1. antonio says:

    another genius who welcomed,
    I hope that this single step to a future lp
    already expressed in this blog and my love and admiration by peter godwin
    ran in 1982 and an FM radio station of independent music
    and more elaborate, listen for the first time: Images of heaven
    and stay in love with the song, the voice of Peter, the dreamy keyboards, the magic of Warren Cann
    with electronic drums,and produced by Mr. Georg Kajanus another genius discover later with data.
    I had no idea of English and I did enjoy more even if it fits the song.the melody was fantastically cold, catchy but elegant
    from that day and followed him and not been easy,because here in Spain we began to soar after difficult times and all
    the new sounded to rare and rare was hard to find,”I was ashamed of my go buy some discs”.is what was.
    all he did peter,for me it was very good, again very good.
    I have everything a musician peter edited
    the lp, the ep, their singles, their maxis, his compilation on CD
    collaborations, something rare and the two lps of metro
    and both enjoyed their music, and dreamed through it
    has made me so happy and even some striped maxi hear both.
    in short,
    the only thing I can say is good luck with your single peter
    although in my case I already have in your pocket, you’re a great artist
    greets from Spain
    an old fan and admirer
    antonio david martin
    thanks mike for the news

  2. Claudio says:

    Hi Mikey! Great notice this! Great artist Peter Godwin!
    Here a new cover of his best song “Images of heaven” by “Eloquent”, a synthpop band who’s releasing a new album “Party favours”

    Mikey do you know this group?
    Regards Claudio

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks for sharing the Eloquent cover Claudio…personally, I don’t like it. Peter’s voice was haunting, and IOH ranks as one of my fav 80′s songs of all times, so I guess I really wouldn’t ever like any cover version. I found this version boring…repetitive drums, sort of like soft-techno.

    • Claudio says:

      I agree with you Mikey!
      Not a good cover! Images of heaven has been one of the masterpieces of 80s music and this version is really too soft! I’ve heard also their cover of “Red letter day” by Pet shop boys for their tribute album and is a little better!!
      Regards Claudio

  4. Claudio says:

    Hi Mikey!
    To complete my Peter Godwin collection, don’t you have his last 3 12inch singles? (The art of love/Baby’s in the mountains/Rendezvous)
    Have a good begin of the week

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