Welcome To My Nightmare | Fade 2 Grey

Welcome To My Nightmare

“Welcome To My Nightmare”

(Songs Vaguely associated with Halloween)


Vampire Girls- Alien Sex Gods

Trick Of The Witch- Polystyrene

Dracula´s Slut- Manikins

Haunted House- Wreckless Eric

Frankenstein- Human Backs

It Came In The Night- A Raincoat

Lucifers Friend- Vision

Like A Ghost- Ignitus Jones

Monster Movie- Richard Bone

Welcome To My Cemetery- Wild Child

Ghost-Infantjoy (feat Sarah Nixey)

Teenage Werewolf- John Cooper Clarke

Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead- Klaus Nomi

Halloween- Lemming

Witch– Helen

Bela Lugosi´s Dead- Nouvelle Vogue

Monster In The Dark- Tobias Bernstrup

Haunted- Love And Rockets

Ghost Story- Lene Lovich

Vampire In You- Universal Poplab


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