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We Are The Robots


I have always loved robots, they have always seemed so magical and exciting.Here are four of my favorites.

The first robot I remember was on TV and it was Gerry Anderson´s Fireball Xl5. Robert The Robot was shiny, transparent and electric. Robert was invented by Professor Matic and his voice was the only main character voice Gerry Anderson actually voiced himself.

The next robot who stole my heart was Robot B9 from Lost In Space, such an incredibly perfect beast of a robot. He was the best character in the show which to be honest was a little silly.I had a radio controled model of Robot B9.

I also love Forbidden Planet´s Robbie The Robot. Not only did he appear in that classic film bu also starred in The Invisible boy and made guest appearances in many TV series and films. These included, Lost In Space, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Monkees, Gremlins, Earth Girls Are Easy and Mork And Mindy to name just a few.

The most recent robot to make an impression on me has to be Bender from the cartoon Futurama. He is just brilliant, I have had a couple of Benders over the years!!  they are made just like the old tin robots and also come with a key which I love.

Here are some songs which I´d like to share with some pictures of robots old and new which I enjoy, hope you enjoy them too.


1. The Robots- Ian North

2. Robot Song- Margaret Berger

3. Broken Robots- Future Conditional

4. Munich Robots- Empire State Human

5. Help Us Magic Robot- Bill Nelson

6. Do The Robot- Blue Peter

7. Robot With A Rose- Biss

8. My Robotic Friend- Trem

9. The Robot Age- The 3rd Men

10. Robot Rule- Joy Peters

11. The Girl And A Robot- Robyn

12. Robot- Plastics

13. J.R.Robot- Models

14. King Robot- Johnny Warman

15. The Robots Dance- Classix Nouveaux

Download Part 1

16. I Love You (Miss Robot)- The Buggles

17. Robot Dancers- Fotostat

18. Robot Song- Kenickie

19. Robot Holiday- The Spizzles

20. Robot Secret Agents- Mythos

21. She Robot- John Foxx and Louis Gordon

22. Robots- Walter Christian Rothe

23. Robot Love- Ganymede

24. Dirty Robot- Arling & Cameron

25. Yo No Soy Un Robot- Silica Gel

26. Robots Wizards- Ward 13

27. When I Was A Robot- Naked Ape

28. Russian Robot In NY- Felix Kubin

29. Robots Got The Feeling- Hearkbreak

30. I Am A Robot- David Zed

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  1. Alex says:

    Bender – the best!

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