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That Was Then, This Is Now…

While I was away I listened to a lot of new music and many of the album were by 80´s artists. I have compiled an album of some my favourite tracks from their old catalogues and a track from each of their new recordings. Go out and buy the new albums there is some fantastic music to be found on them, they really should be in the charts. I especially like John Foxx and the Maths- Interplay, OMD´s- History Of Modern , Blanc Burn by Blancmange, the late Poly Styrene´s Generation Indigo  and Thomas Dolby´s Oceanea and Amerikana EP´s. So here you go I hope you enjoy these compilations as much as I did putting it together.

Then Side

The Chauffeur, Duran Duran

Unknown Treasure, Claudia Brucken & Blank and Jones

Of All The Things We Made, OMD

Rock N Roll, The Human League

Train, Red Box

Cruel, Blancmange

My Face, John Foxx

Nothing But The Real Girl (Remix), Blondie

Face The Moon, Peter Murphy

Translucent, Poly Styrene

Neon Sister, Thomas Dolby


Now Side

Before The Rain, Duran Duran

Sequentia, One Two/Claudia Brucken

The Right Side, OMD

Privilege, Human League

Say Whats In Your Head, Red Box

I´m Having A Coffee, Blancmange

Catwalk, John Foxx and the Maths

What I Heard, Blondie

The Prince And Old Lady Shave, Peter Murphy

Kitsch, Poly Styrene

Simone, Thomas Dolby


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