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Summer Tunes 2013

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Hi everyone, hope you all have had a fantastic summer like myself. I have so enjoyed listening to music again that it has made me think twice about continuing with fade2grey. What I may do is just carry on with Rip It Up as and when I find something I want to post,but as yet I havn´t decided.

I have posted all the requests for reposts and requests in the forum I hope!! but if I´ve missed any just drop me a line, I´ll start post what records I have ripped this week I still have some good music to share.

I have been listening to some great old/new music over the last few months my favourites being by some of the established artists, I just love The Next Day by David Bowie I cant stop playing it definatly my album of the year. Also Alison Moyet´s album was such a relief and so good(Annie Lennox take note)

B-Movie´s album is fab and one of my favourites fab to have them back.Wonderful to hear so many new songs from some of my favorite artists producing some solid pieces of work including Lloyd Cole,The Blow Monkeys,Wire,OMD,Ian McCulloch and Bruce Foxton.I was also surprised at how much I like Steve Strange´s latest Visage album much better than expected, nice too to have Franz Ferdinand back on form.

Some of the albums that have dissapointed me have been the new Adam Ant which has it´s moments but some tracks sound a litlle like demos, I´m not getting into Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys lastest -which is bugging me!!- or Iggy and The Stooges latest offering.

Of the new bands to me Ive enjoyed have been Misstress Barbara -great for the gym- Paper Fangs,Chvrches, Diana, Heavenly Beat and Classixx.

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  1. tmb says:

    Thanks look forward to trying some of the new (to me) tracks!

    Agree totally on Bowie – did you go to the V+A Bowie Exhibition – amazing! Also agree on the Adam Ant album which I really wanted to like..PSB album is best for years esp ‘Love is bourgeois construct” – check out this remix

    also back to Bowie have you heard this :

    Enjoy 🙂


    • adminmike says:

      No I didn´t go, whish it was still there when I´m over in October, yes Love the Bowie Sound and Vision, I think it´s getting a release soon, great taste in music Tim 🙂

  2. pateewack says:

    Hey, Mikey! Glad to have you back! I wanted to share an outstanding ‘new’ band (they’ve been around for a little over 5 years, to the best of my knowledge) that a friend of mine turned me on to…The Mary Onettes. Heavily influenced by Echo & The Bunnymen (although I hear a little Mighty Lemon Drops, circa 1990 in there too), these guys are just so incredibly awesome…

    Hope you had a great vacation, and couldn’t agree with you more on the new Depeche Mode…I like the remixes I’ve collected better than the actual CD itself. I DO like the new Pet Shop Boys, however, and LOVE the new OMD, A. Moyet, Visage, and Wire…and the new one from The Ocean Blue is TO DIE FOR!!! This year’s been a great year for ‘The Comeback’ – can’t wait to hear the new Mission U.K. on/around the 13th!

  3. pateewack says:

    oh…the new Kitchens Of Distinction sounds like it’s gonna be awesome, as well!

  4. pateewack says:

    and how could I forget the new one from Prefab Sprout?? Their ‘tweaky-ness’ is STILL intact!

  5. tmb says:

    Mike One new band you seem to be missing is Public Service Broadcasting…maybe you have missed them so I attach a few links for your enjoyment – videos and music amazing, Very Kraftwerkish and they are also amazing live. Hope you enjoy?

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