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Remake Remodel Volume 7

Remake Remodel Volume 7, Various Artists




Here we have our latest collection of cover versions for you listening pleasure. My favourite tracks are Bowie´s Boy´s Keep Swinging which is fantasic Goyote´s lush Depeche Mode cover and Shakin All Over that is given a synthpop treatment. Also sure to put a smile on your face Radio Ga Ga.

Download part1


Download part 2




6 Responses to “Remake Remodel Volume 7”

  1. another great cover collection!
    by the way, many of these i have them already uploaded on youtube! 🙂

  2. Tim Brooks says:

    By co-incidence 6Music played that version of Boys Keep Swinging last night in the Bowie tribute they were doing – thought it sounded awesome and planned to look it up – and then what do I come across today quite by chance? It’s a small world 🙂 Thanks for great compilation – do parts 1-5 exist anywhere..hint hint

  3. Tim Brooks says:

    PS Have you seen this Bowie cover – absolutely astonishing and never even been a fan of Beck before……

  4. adminmike says:

    thanks 🙂

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