Remake-Remodel 5 | Fade 2 Grey

Remake-Remodel 5

Remake – Remodel , A Collection Of Cover Versions Volume 5


Here we go, somemore cover version for you listening pleasure, enjoy. I especially like Bill Parsons take on Thomas Dolby´s She Blinded Me With Science,the minimal synth cover of California Dreaming from Denial , Army Dreamers by The Chapman Family and Headmans´s version of the classic Japan track Adolescent sex.


American Girl – Beige & Logic  B

Sleepwalk –  Gary Humter

Wouldn’t It Be Good -Soulwax

Prince Charming – Friged Vinegar

Ice Machine – Colbear

Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place) – Arcade Fire

Army Dreamers -The Chapman Family

We Belong To The Night – Nacht Faher

California Dreaming – Denial

M. Craft – She Sells Sanctuary

Burning Car – Adam Massacre

Acid Washed – The Rain

Soul Inside – Leather Strip

Crazy – Jason Mathew

She Blinded Me With Science -Bill Parsons

The Metro – Martin Debourge

Owner Of A Lonely Heart – No Head On My Shoulders

Adolescent Sex (Extended Vocal Mix) – Headman

Breaking The Law- Giallo

Electricity – Paye

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


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  2. Yeah!!!
    That’s what i’m talking about!

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