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9 Responses to “Reboot”

  1. tmb says:

    Excited 🙂

    Welcome back…hope you enjoyed your ‘holiday’

  2. Lillklangen says:

    Great news, lookin’ fwd to your return

  3. richie says:

    great news
    look forward to your return

  4. Alex says:

    Hello,Mikey.How are you? Good news.

  5. Milord Teum says:

    great expectation.many thanks and God always bless you

  6. rafael says:


  7. Cory says:

    Ohhhhh boy!! It’s like the return of a great TV series that’s been off the air for 6 months! I’m hoping for lots of 80’s gems and zombies! 😀 Welcome back!!!

  8. Dominik500 says:

    Hooray! Welcome back! You were missed.


  9. Blue Boy says:

    Great news, can’t wait.

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