"Other Boys Check You Out" | Fade 2 Grey

“Other Boys Check You Out”

Side 1

Rickie Lee Jones, Rebel Rebel

End Of Fashion, Quicksand

B.E.F (Feat Billy Mackenzie), The Secret Life Of Arabia

Revue Noir, Rock ´N Roll Suicide (Live)

Heartbreak , Loving The Alien

Stone Temple Pilots, Andy Warhol (Unplugged)

Peter Murphy, Space Oddity

The Postmarks, Five Years

Xavier Naidoo This Is Not America

Loopman, Starman



M. Ward, Lets Dance

Franz Ferdinand (Featuring Girls Aloud), Sound And Vision

Loose Ends, Golden Years

Tori Amos, After All

Nirvana, The Man Who Sold The World(Unplugged)

Claudia Brucken and Andrew Poppy, Drive In Saturday

Danny Michel, Always Crashing In The Same Car

The Cure, Young Americans

Mr Russia, Boys Keep Swinging

Icehouse, “Heroes”


I have always loved cover versions and I´m sure it was David´s album Pin Ups which first brought them to my attention.It helped that I didn´t know any of the songs  and for my virgin ears these were now the originals. Now as I´m just a little bit older!! I find it difficult to listen to a song that I have cherished and loved performed by a different artist. The original songs here by David Bowie have been a constant companion throughout my life and I still love them Passionately.

There have been a few David Bowie covers albums over the years, Goth Oddity, Crash Course For The Ravers and this years War Child release You Were So Turned On I thought I´d put together my own collection because I have found these compilations lacking in what I like from a cover version.

Some of the highlights here include a raw Boys Keep Swinging by Mr Russia, Always Crashing In The Same Car by Danny Michel who produced a whole album of Bowie covers Loving The Alien-It was hard to pick just one- and the late great Billy Mackenzie’s redition of The Secret Life Of Arabia withB.E.F

You may have to get your red shoes on for Loose End´s Golden years and Loopman´s Italio disco cover of Starman. Also of note are Young Americans by Robert Smith and The Cure,that classic unplugged performance by Nirvana of The Man Who Stole The World and a gorgeous  version of After All by Tori Amos

The real stars of this collection for me are Heartbreak covering Bowie´s much overlooked eighties classic Loving The Alien , an amazing live version of Rock´N Roll Suicide courtesy of Revue Noir, and the exquisite  Space Oddity by Bauhaus front man and long time Bowie admirer Peter Murphy who has been playing this song live since 2002.

Additionally the laid back version of Let´s Dance by M. Ward who has a tremendous voice and you can forget the X-Factors banal version of “Heroes” just sit back and take in this graceful cover by  Icehouse.

I hope you enjoy these just as much as I do.

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