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Holiday Post Various Artists

Holiday Post Various Artists


Side One

It Was A Sin – Strangers

Neon – Queen Of Hearts

Killer Boots – Kovak

Absolute Zero – Second Planet

Rain Tears – Get People

Kill Me – The Gatrden Filter

The Clown – Ostrich

Changelings – The Gazelel Twin

Crystal Ball – Grimes

Velvet Love – Customs

Side Two

Whenever I Miss You – Peter Heppner

The Cigarette Duet – Princess Chelsea

Rocket Wife – Tara Busch

Never Speake Of It Again – The Holiday Crowd

Rocker In My Head – Social Ambitions

When The Lights Go Out – Scarlett Soho

Kofein 1 C02 – Inje

Once Upon A Time – Curexs

Reptile – Citizens

Dusk – Mirrors

This is my final post before I have a Summer  break. Which includes some exciting new bands as well as some more well known artists that I´m going to listen to while I´m away, I´ll be back in July, enjoy the Summer, Mikey

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hope you had a great vacation Mikey! Sadly, I came late to this post and both links are dead, could you kindly repost???


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