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Zaine Griff

Repost – Zaine Griff, Ashes And Diamonds, 1980



Side One



Ashes And Diamonds

Secret Pleasures

She´s Got My Man

Things You Say

Side Two

The Scandinavian


The Iron Curtain

Ta Cigarette Apres LÁmour

The Sentimentalists


As many regular readers will know my love for Zaine Griff’s Music, so here is my rip of his first album which included the singles, Tonight and Ashes And Diamonds which both deserved to be massive. The rest of the album isn´t too shabby either.

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  1. 22ndWave says:

    Thanks for providing another no doubt excellent Zaine Griff album. Such a cool and underrated soloist. As soon as I get my new computer, I’m downloading this!

  2. robert pally says:


    Thanks a lot. I got the vinyl!!



  3. Angel says:

    Both of Zaine’s albums are available here as newly released CD’s finally and downloads.
    Along with a new album released in 2011 called Child Who Wants The Moon.

  4. alex says:

    Reposted please.

  5. Joel Goodsen says:

    Could you create a new link Mikey? this one’s dead :/
    Thank you for sharing this record

  6. Dave says:

    Thanks so much for this Mikey. Another one that passed me by at the time; although I certainly remember seeing the cover in seemingly every second hand record shop I visited.

  7. Harry says:

    Great you all like Zaine Griff’s music! Indeed we’re all happy Zaine made two new albums in the past years, CHILD WHO WANTS THE MOON (2011) and THE VISITOR (2013). They are still available at Amplifier NZ webstore for reasonable prices. Beside that both of Zaine’s early albums ASHES AND DIAMONDS and FIGVRES (Both with Hans Zimmer and many other great artists) were rereleased on CD. Both of Zaine’s early albums and Zaine’s latest album THE VISITOR have special edition releases in Japan, all with interesting BONUS TRACKS that make it worthwhile to pay the higher Japanese prices.

    And there’s MORE to come, because Zaine is recording in the studio for a brand new album! It will take a while before it will be released, because it’s not yet ready. Keep a good eye on Zaine Griff Official news page on Facebook!

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