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Whizz For Atoms

Whizz For Atoms, Collection


front4That Sinking Feeling (12inch Version)

Stood Up Again (12inch Version)

She´s Got Me Running Round


To See That Girl

L. For Love

Five Faces Of  Fear

That Sinking Feeling (7inch Version)

Stood Up Again (7inch Version)



Whizz For Atoms Are;

Ian Hewitt

Jyoti Mishra

Russell Davies

Andy Redfern

James Woodward


You probably know the classic single That Sinking Feeling but you may not have heard the other tracks featured here, the quality is not the best but the songs do shine through. I´d like to hear these tracks on a real release as they show what a good band Whizz For Atoms really were.

My favorite tracks are Five Faces Fear and L For Love, if you like Haircut 100 you will probably like this download

4 Responses to “Whizz For Atoms”

  1. david says:

    and this again rapidshare
    not let me download the file
    except with your permission Mikey
    because I really like this group
    thanks anyway
    Another time

  2. Manfried says:

    Excellent post! Ty!!

  3. Frank Chickens says:

    You missed out a band member; Jyoti Mishra who went on to have a number one hit as ‘White Town’. He’s the one who wrote the single.

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