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Way Of The West

Repost – Way Of The West Collection




City Of Lovers
Cars Collide
Dont Say Thats Just For Whit Boys
Feel The Steel
The Cool Set
Drum(It´s Just A March In Time)
My Own Front Door
See You Shake
Prove It
The Freiend
City Of Lovers (Extended)
Dont Say Thats Just For Whit Boys (Extended)
Feel The Steel (Extended)
Drum(It´s Just A March In Time) (Extended)
See You Shake (Extended)
Monkey Love (Rare Flexi)


Great band some of my favourite single of all time are included in this collection.Drum,See You Shake,City Of Lovers and the ultimate classic that is,Don´t Say That´s Just For White Boys.All here with their 12inch versions.
I remember buying them all on 7inch and 12inch and they were all from the bargain bins!
Other good tracks here are, The Cool set,Prove It and Countdown which could of been another single.It´s a shame this band never had a hit or released an album.

5 Responses to “Way Of The West”

  1. alex says:

    Reapload This Album Please. Many Thanks. Alex.

  2. alex says:

    Many Many Thanks. Alex.

  3. mike says:

    Bargain bins, yes I can remember them, many a good LP or signle could be found in the, my favorite whas Boots, that’s right the chemists, way back when PA systems were big even for small venues, the chemists sold records next to the johnies. The graet thing was there clientelle were none to tredy and their bargain bins would be full of hip trendy and often hard to come by jewels at prices that would even make a goth smile.
    Way Of The West, were on the turntable of the suburban record shop that I was working in almost non stop when the straight owner was abscent, don’t seem to remember selling may copies though we did manage to wear a few out. Not quite sure whay the never made it maybe a little bit too early. My 16 old son was more than impressed with Don’t say its just for whiteboys which he recently discovered while I was listening to it. Maybe Way Of The West are ready for for cult status?
    PS. Nice to have you back

    • adminmike says:

      Cheers Mike thankyou for your comments, good to hear that a younger audience would appreciate Way Of The West´s music today.Yes good to be back lets hope they don´t take the links down this time.

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