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Voice Farm

Repost – Voice Farm, Bigger Cooler Weirder, 1991

Voice farm




Free Love



Come On A My House

Seeing Is Believing

Hey Free Thinker

Ode To Buffy

King Of The Rat Race

Johnny Belinda

Stand By

My Idea

Walk Away

Don´t Know Why

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A good album from Voice Farm, some of it sounds a little dated with it´s production but it has a few gems here especially, Thankyou, Earth, Stand By, Walk Away ,Come To My A House and Seeing Is Believing.

The Singles, Hey Free Thinker and Free Love sound dated to me now but Seeing Is Believing still sounds great as does the rerecorded Johnny Belinda that was also on their 1987 album F.


7 Responses to “Voice Farm”

  1. CS says:

    Any chance of a re-upload of this Voice Farm album; much obliged and many thanks!

  2. Charly Brown says:

    Hello Mike/Mikeyten,

    Thanks for including us here in your great blog!

    Voice farm

  3. Tom says:

    damn, sorry I missed this. Any chance you could repost again?

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