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Various “Curious Collection”

“Curious Collection” 1983

Side 1 Side 2
Pietro Dinzee- When You Get What You Wanted Early Warning- Escape From Emotion
Famous Names- You´re The Coffee In My Cream Click- Touch Too Much
Steve Rowles- Venetian Blinds P.S. Personal- Compassion
Steve Fairnie- Button Up Writz- Muscle Culture
Bev Sage- Blind Girl Techno Orchestra- Dance On
Nick Battle- Big Boy Crocodile Tears- Angel Station



As regular visitors to this site will know I´m a massive Steve Fairnie fan and this album has eluded me for years. I finally got word of a copy for sale at Discogs, I had to pay a high price for this but for me it was well worth it (even if the people who sold it couldn’t afford to package it properly, after this sale maybe their next one will be better!!!)

For collectors of Steve´s music this compilation is very interesting as it has all his incarnations as an artist. You get a track from former Fish Co /Writz/ Famous Names Steve Rowle with Venetian Blinds, which is also the title of the unreleased album Venetian Blind  (I have a copy and may post in the future). Love the Famous Names track and Steve´s solo track Button Up is also fun.

Bev Sage Steve´s better half has one of the standout tracks on the album, Blind Girl, fab music go on girl . Bev is also heard on an ok cover of the Petula Clark hit Down Town as Writz and again on the Techno Orchestra track Dance On.


One of the highlights for me is the fantastic synthpop track by P.S.Personal track Compassion which I had already heard via YouTube. They also released the excellent single Shoot Me Down which I have already posted here

Crocodile Tears also have a fab track called Angel Street on this album , I´ll post their album here soon.

You may also know the track which I had posted before by Nick Battle one time bass player with Christian rock outfit After The Fire, still sounds great. here.

A couple of tracks I have no clue about the artists but Pietro Dineeze sounds like Bev and Steve to me? Early Warning by Escape From Emotion is a good track but Click´s Touch Too Much is not very interesting.

For more info on Steve Fairnie´s  visit their site here

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  1. Matt says:

    Thank you for posting this! You are right, Pietro Dineeze does sound like Bev and Steve. I can’t wait to hear the Venetian Blind and Crocodile Tears albums if you post them. The P.S.Personal track is very good – I went to the site to download the single you posted, but it seems to hang up when I click download. Maybe that is just a problem on my side – I will keep trying. As usual, thank you for the great music.

  2. tim says:


    You need to know that I have been looking for this for a loooong time and it was my 2nd most wanted recording – until now. THANK YOU!!!

    But even bigger news – are you saying that you actually OWN the Venetian Blinds record? The whole thing? The one done under the moniker Famous Names? Because if you are, I would do ANYTHING (well….) to get a copy! I’ve been in contact with Steve and Bev’s son many times about this, and he finally gave me Bev’s personal info b.c he couldn’t help. She claimed only 4 people had it – her, the producer, the guitarist, and a guy from the defunct label. She went looking for it for me a number of times and couldn’t come up with it. If you’re saying YOU have it you have officially blown my mind, sir.

    BTW – I’ve gotten other rare Fairnie stuff from you off of here before – thanks!


    p.s. please respond to me personally if you really have Venetian Blind!

  3. tim says:

    VERY strange! AT least two songs are Helen Kane songs from the 20’s (I’m a fan and have her recording so I recognized them.) WEIRD!

    BTW – she’s the one Betty Boop stole her character from. Helen tried to sue but lost. Betty even stole the “boo-boo-be-doop” lines she always sang!

    Okay, more listening!

  4. Robert says:

    Thanks a million for the work to keep Steve Fairnie’s music alive and well. I first ran across him with the Foreign Land and Hype 12″ as well as the Curious Collection, all belonging to a friend of mine in the mid eighties. I had pretty well given up hope in finding any version of the Curious Collection, as I had looked from time to time online and found nothing. What a suprise to find it here, and the Venetian Blind songs that I didn’t know existed. I’m very excited and very thankful!

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